"Young Lady in 2019", 30"x40", oil on canvas
  • "Young Lady in 2019", 30"x40", oil on canvas


    Young Lady in 2019 is a response to Edouard Manet's Young Lady in 1866. As an Impressionist painter, Manet describes the "Modern Woman" in unapologetic frontal lighting, while wearing a long, formless, satin peignoir (robe). My painting is a contemporary take of a current modern woman- Violet Grace, an Instagram influencer. In this painting she is wearing a silk Michael lo Sordo garment, while standing in a sculpture garden. Instead of a parrot, I have added an urban pigeon for a bit of humor. The inclusion of the bird with the bread crumbs continues the allegory of the five sences found in Manet painting and also in my painting. My painting was created in 2019.