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The Wedding Painting Experience


Make your wedding day even more special with a unique and personalized Live Wedding Painting. Prior to the wedding date, I'll work closely with you to determine the moment you'd like captured in a detailed and beautifully crafted painting that will serve as an heirloom for years to come. My live painting performance is a one-of-a-kind experience that you and your guests will never forget.


1. Send me a message to check the availability of your date! 

2. Consultation: I will work with you beforehand to create an outline of exactly what you want to be depicted in the painting, including the venue, flowers, pose, guests and personalized touches. 

3. Secure your date with a 50% deposit and a signed art agreement. 

4. I will connect with you and/or your planner one month before to your wedding to finalized details.


1. I will arrive 3 hours before your desired moment to begin working on the composition and background of your painting. 

2. Depending on your pose, I will work with your timeline to film a quick reference video of you and your new husband or wife. This will most likely occur directly after your ceremony.

3. Once I have captured your pose, I will begin painting your perfect moment.

4. At the end of the night, your painting will be resolved, meaning, mostly finished. You and your new husband or wife will be detailed along with the wedding decor. If you decide to have guests featured in the background, they will be abbreviated and then refined when I bring the painting back to my studio.


1. I will refine your painting, adding addition details to make sure each person looks accurate. 

2. Check your email! I'll send you a painting proof 2-5 weeks after your wedding (time varies depending on complexity size of your canvas).

3. Adjustments: If you see anything that needs to be added or changed, your painting includes one round of adjustments. If more adjustments are needed, it's an additional $50 per adjustment.

4. After your approval, I will send the final invoice and arrangements can be made to pick up your painting. 

If you would like a quote, contact me here.

To see my wedding portfolio, click here.


Q: Can you add someone to the painting who is not in attendance?

A: Absolutely. Send me a reference image (or two) and I will seamlessly add them in with your family and guests. 

Q: Can you add my pet?

A: This is one of my favorite things to do!

Q: Do you travel outside of Dallas?

A: Yes! My services include travel up to two hours outside of Dallas. Travel 3-4 hours outside of Dallas will require provisions for gas and lodging. 4+ hours will require provisions for a flight and lodging. Paintings 3+ hours outside of Dallas will be professionally packaged and shipped.

Q: Do you frame the painting?

A: I have specifically chosen 1.5" gallery style canvases that can stand alone on a wall without a frame. If you choose to frame your painting, I know a couple of great framing businesses.

Q: What will you need at the wedding?

A: Access to electricity and a meal would be wonderful.

Q: I'm already married. Can you still paint me if I send you a picture?

A: I would love to! Contact me with your ideas and include a couple of images from your wedding and I'll send you a quote.

Q: Can you make prints of the painting?

A: Yes. I also offer greeting cards as well.

Q: Can you paint guest portraits?

A: I specialize in painting the married couple and their special moment and do not currently offer individual guest portraits.

Q: Can you paint multiple live wedding paintings?

A: If the wedding spans multiple days, I can paint multiple paintings. I am able to paint one a day.

Images provided by Hannah Way Photography, Silver Bear Creative, Kelsey Lanae Photography, Kaitlyn Rodgers Photography, & Amanda Lane Photography

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