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The Wedding Painting Experience

Do you want your event painted in real-time? Hannah Aaron paints special moments from weddings, such as the altar scene or the first dance. The subject matter is decided prior to the event. Hannah is happy to discuss the different options that are best for you.

The Process:

Hannah sets up her equipment 3 hours before the wedding to paint the background and continues painting throughout the ceremony and reception (approx. 7 hours). The painting will be resolved by the end of the nigh and afterwards, she takes the painting back to her studio for refinements. The painting is refined in a period of 1-5 weeks. You will receive a preview of the painting once it is finished. Afterwards, the painting can be delivered within the Dallas area, picked up at the studio, or shipped. Live wedding painting is not only a performance, like a live band, but it is the creation of an heirloom that you get to take home and cherish forever.

If you would like a quote, contact Hannah here.

To see past wedding paintings, click here.

Images provided by Amanda Lane Photography, Hannah Way Photography, Kelsey Lanae Photography, Emma Blair Photography, and Chelsea Green Photography

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